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Amazing Head Floater



Currently only available in Australia at this price including postage.
Please add $15 for postage to all other countries.

(AUD$15 will be added to your final total when we process your payment)

These stocks are in short supply. If you order from this site, we will contact you with a delivery time, currently up to 21 days.

HeadFloater™ is a wearable device that comprises a neoprene band with internal bungee cords. The bungees circle the skull and connect in a figure eight design. These attach to two hand straps, each with four thumb loops.

HeadFloater comes with its own mesh bag and weighs two ounces/57 grams, perfect to keep with you at all times to relieve stress and pain. With daily use the benefits multiply. HeadFloater works harmoniously with your anatomy to stimulate and recruit the deep stabilizer spinal muscles. Even after you feel and look better, you will continue with HeadFloater just for the relaxing and centering experience it creates.


“Upper back and neck tension are common complaints that are becoming more prevalent in physical therapy clinics. With the increase use of computers and increasing number of hours seated at a desk, it’s hard to avoid these aches and pains even in active individuals. Prolonged sitting posture contributes to shortened neck muscles and weak upper back muscles.  As a result, smaller muscles not designed to be “postural muscles” have to work hard to keep our head righted in the plane of gravity.  The HeadFloater is a simple device that allows one to stretch tight chest muscles, strengthen scapular muscles and allow the posterior cervical muscles to lengthen and relax and provides a very welcome cranial base release. With the HeadFloater one has an easy -to- use tool to reduce tension and improve alignment.” -Kathleen Wiener, MSPT, FitRx

 “The HF is to the Cervical Spine and shoulders as the PFM is to the CORE:  the essential beginning of truly integrated, supportive movement. HeadFloater  gave me a nice correction in my sub occipital muscles. Great for dealing with Forward Head. A very subtle use of  then entire shoulder girdle. HF gets muscles to orchestrate–not just fire. LOVE IT!!!”  -Zoe Stein Pierce, B.A M.F.A C.M.A, ZMoves FW

 “Clients can’t feel whether their back is working— one reason is they can’t see it! HF eliminates this obstacle  and makes them have an AHA moment—and then a smile.”  -Jill Balch, Total Pilates of Tulsa

 “I first was introduced to the head floater at the PMI office in NYC. At that time it was only a prototype. I immediately saw its many benefits and uses. I especially like using mine now when I am sitting at my desk working on my computer. It’s a wonderful tool to alleviate neck and should tension.” -Kevin A. Bowen

 “Excellent product – simple to use and surprisingly effective! I use it to treat persistant neck tension in my Levator Scapulae – typical of too much work in front of a computer – and it relieved pain and tightness within days. Nothing else has worked so well.”  -Bob Hanumn


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