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Pilates Equipment

The Equipment shown here is that of Peak Pilates (USA).
It is the most comfortable and well designed equipment on the market today.

Many Extras are included as part of the standard on all reformers - so you don't pay extra. See the detailed descriptions by clicking onto the title.
Also included are DVDs of selected pieces of Equipment provided by the Pilates Institute at no extra cost.

There is a wider range of equipment and accessories than in the list here.

Please contact the Pilates Institute for a more detailed list of these.

All prices are Plus delivery and installation.

Please Call (02) 8920 2622 and ask for Allan to further discuss your requirements. Discounts apply for professional users, studios, Pilates Instructors and bulk orders.

Pilates Instutute acts only as the agent for the sale and all Warranties/guarantees are direct from the manufacturer and/or its Australian importer.Descriptions and prices are correct at the time of publishing, but may change without notice


MVe Reformer
MVe Reformer




The MVe Reformer is a class unto itself.
Sturdy and reliable, it is well constructed. To Compare - similar to the Allegro, but on legs and at a much lesser cost!

The only professional height reformer that stacks without having to remove parts.
Studio Quality: Standard at the preferred working height of 15.5”.  Industrial strength aluminium frame.
Versatile: A 4 gear, 5 spring system with multi-position locking foot bar and adjustable ropes
All Inclusive:  non-slip pad, straps and handles are included at no additional cost.
Innovative: Retractable shoulder rests allow you to perform mat work easily on the carriage surface.

Please Call (02) 8920 2622 for further information and discounts for professional users, studios and Pilates Instructors.
Pilates Instutute acts only as the agent for the sale and all Warranties are direct from the manufacturer and/or its Australian importer.

Standard Long/Short Box
Standard Long/Short Box




Use the Peak Pilates® Standard long/short box to enhance you traditional Pilates practice. 

Standard with black upholstery. +s/h.

MVe Jumpboard
MVe Jumpboard




Add a variety of cardio exercises to your traditional Pilates workout with the MVe® Jump Board.

Standard with black upholstery. +s/h.

Fitness Reformer
Fitness Reformer




Powder coated aluminum frame4 position, one-hand gear bar
Side-split platform with the ability to add a jump board
5 spring system: 2 light (blue); 2 medium (yellow); 1 heavy (red)
3 position headrest
Locking footbar
Alignment graphic for student and instructor
Adjustable ropes and retractable risers
Long/short box (27½ in L x 16in W x 9.5in H)
Double loops
Non-slip pad

All-Inclusive: An exceptional value, a long/short box, non-slip pad, straps and handles are included at no additional cost.

Stackable: The only studio-height reformer that nests and rests and stands on end, with no removable parts.

Versatile: A 4-gear, 5-spring system with multi-position locking foot bar and adjustable ropes accommodates all body sizes.

PPSystem Reformer
PPSystem Reformer




The world's first 3-in-1 marriage of the essential Pilates equipment - Reformer, Cadillac and Mat System plus the brilliance of our folding design. Our patented Peak PilateSystem® Deluxe is hands-down the most streamlined and hard working portable Pilates equipment available. 

See detailed description for more information

Studio height450mm H (1.95m H overall) x 700mm W x 2.5m L.   Folded750mm X 7.50 around the base

Premier Reformer w/ropes, bamboo
Premier Reformer w/ropes, bamboo



An evolved version of the Classic, the popular Premier Reformer comes standard with a larger array of options and accessories for added functionality. As thoughtfully crafted as it is equipped, the Premier Reformer includes 4 gears, 5 springs, a 4 position foot bar, removable sidesplit platform and our signature pad and pillow set.
Peak Pilates® is elevating standards for quality of craftsmanship and durability with the new eco-friendly bamboo option for the studio line.
MVe Chair Single Pedal
MVe Chair Single Pedal




We think we've hit the mark for the most versatile piece of Pilates equipment in the MVe® Chair. With it, we've brought the Pilates chair workout into the mainstream.  it's sleek and metal, stable, stackable (up to 5 high for space saving) and portable. It's ideal for one-on-one training or small group classes. The MVe's revolutionary easy-change spring system has instructors swooning over how easy it is to change spring tension thus increasing flow and dynamism of the workout.

MvE Chair with Split Pedal
MvE Chair with Split Pedal




Expand performance capabilities with the MVe Split-Pedal Chair with optional handles. Increase options for working with athletic and therapeutic applications.

Explore advanced concepts as they relate to spring resistance, body awareness, movement dynamics and exercise complexity. Perfect for one-on-one training, duets, group classes and adding challenge to the traditional Pilates repertoire.

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