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Fascia/Foam Rollers - Cushions - Socks

Triangular Cushions and Head Cushions  are available for those who require neck and shoulder support for floor exercises.

Core Fascia Rollers are a new item. Put Menezes Core in Youtube to see 11 videos of how to use this product

Pilates Grip Socks - 2 Pairs
  Grip Socks Ladies size 2-9

Pilates Grip Socks - 2 Pairs




The Pilates Grip Socks are a convenient way to do your workouts while keeping your feet happy and healthy.

Choice of 2 pairs of open or closed toes or one of each.
This is the convenient way to stop you feet from sliding in straps, equipment and the floor.

Always hand wash in cold water to last longer.

Sizes 2-9 only  inc  shipping.
Exchange only allowed. Return postage by purchaser.

Fascia Roller workshop
  Fascia Roller 3Hr Workshop

Fascia Roller workshop




 Fascia Roller 3 hour course includes Core Fascia Roller with Stretch Band (Value $99)

The Core Fascia Roller (CFR) is exclusive to the Pilates Institute. Made of Sturdy Material covered with a raised, checkered rubber design, the CFR is a very intense workout in itself.

Release all those tight muscles and discover how fascia can be mobilised to achieve greater results in your workoputs and even get your core stronger!

A three hour workshop that is the price of the roller itself. Totally different to using the larger soft rollers that everyone has, this roller is also useful for travelling on the ski trips and triathlon event or just for everyday home use.

Youtube CFR Videos HERE


"After 6 sessions with the CFR my gluteal and hip muscles released for the first time ever in my life. I walked differently and felt freer in my pelvis." P.Q. Age 33


This unique and exclusive design is created by Allan Menezes is used by Pilates and Yoga instructors, physiotherapists and others in the medical field.


NOTE: This is much firmer than the standard foam roller and as such applies geater pressure to the muscle and can, initially be quite uncomfortable. Once you are used to it, you will not go back to normal foam rollers, as you may find them too 'soft'!


Targets trigger points more specifically with its more versatile size.   Length @ 32cms x 8.5cms.
Works on all areas of the body: Glutes, piriformis, arms, lats, quads, calves, ITB, etc.

Ideal for physiotherapists, Pilates and yoga, Sports people, cyclists, golfers, tennis players, and anyone with tight muscles.


Black Core Fascia Roller (members only) x 10 – inc s/h- Australia Only
Black Core Fascia Roller (members only) x 10 – inc s/h- Australia Only




TEN  Core Fascia Rollers for your GROUP CLASSES. Inc Postage and handling.

Youtube CFR Videos HERE


The Core Fascia Roller(TM)  is the first of its kind on the market. See single Roller order for a fuller description.


Made in Australia, the CFR has a solid central core covered with two layers of foam.

The inner layer is firm and smooth, while the outer layer is ridged to get into tight muscle areas and release the tension in the best possible manner by compression and release via the ridges.

Foam Roller
Foam Roller




Foam rollers are a new product in the Pilates repertoire of exercises. This comes with the Foam Roller DVD and shipping included
These are Blue in colour and made from long lasting, close-cell EVA foam.

For sample of Video LOOK HERE

They are extremely challenging for their simplicity.

The large round is 15cms x 90cms (6" x 36")

Triangular Cushion- min 2
Triangular Cushion- min 2




Minimum order 2
Exclusive to the Pilates Institute, the Triangular cushion can be used for neck and shoulder support for many of the floor exercises. 

As well as the 'cushion squeeze' exercise for the inner thigh tone, this help clients 'contract' forward without neck strain!
Made from sturdy specific high density foam, the triangular cushion comes uncovered. approx size: 420 x 420 x 600

Head Cushion + Bonus Grip Socks + Free postage
  Grip Socks size 2-8

Head Cushion + Bonus Grip Socks + Free postage




These black vinyl head cushions are superb for floor routines and for extra support on the reformers and other Pilates Equipment.

For those who need their head elevated to reduce neck strain (this is most people), this item is ideal.  Even your breathing capacity increases, your upper back (thoracic spine) is better placed on the floor and you can connect your core better when your head is elevated for all floor exercises.

18mm x 25mm x 6mm it is comfortable yet firm. Wipe down with a damp cloth.

BONUS EXTRA 1 x pr Grip Socks, size 2-8 open or closed toe. Offered until stocks run out. Please choose option from drop down list.


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